Nicole M. Kindig 
22q Mom On A Mission

What is 22q?


22q deletion syndrome is the missing 22nd chromosome. It is a very common syndrome that not a lot of people know about. This syndrome is also known as velo-cardio-facial syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome, and Down Syndrome. 22q can be the cause of nearly 200 mild to serious health and developmental issues. Because each person is diagnosed with 22q presents a unique set of 180+ symptoms. This syndrome is a genetic defect caused by a micordeletion. 

Symptoms of 22q deletion syndrome are heart defects, speech impediment and learning disability, feeding difficulties, immune system disorders, kidney disorders, cleft palate, developmental delays, growth problems, behavior issues, austim, & so much more.


Raise your kids right. Teach them that it's not okay to make fun of others. Everyone is different in there own way. People get made fun of every day for who they are and it's just not right. Don't judge someone by its cover get to know them because you never know you may become close friends!

Last year I have had an interview with my hometown Hawkeye Newspaper. It was the most amazing experience to have had in my life. To be able to put my story out there and to touch others hearts surrounded by me made me feel so good about myself. I had many, many people contact me saying "how awesome it...